Cornerstone and Compass


I help agencies with project blueprints, process documentation and mapping, marketing systems integrations, quality assurance, and deployment plans.

Think of me as your agency’s white label business analyst.

I’m going to help your agency keep projects on time, on budget, and launched with fewer emergencies and client fires so you can grow revenue, reduce costs, and be a more profitable and happy agency.

Cut down waste, and improve your bottom line

Typical challenges agencies have that I can help solve
  • Time wasted with poor project scope
  • Lack of detailed documentation
  • Teams not able to communicate requirements between internal departments
  • Managed service clients not utilising their hours effectively, or have hours unused each month
  • Quality assurance is lacking appropriate test case scenarios and processes

How I help your agency

  • Highly engaging workshops to gather more in-depth requirements
  • Detailed business and functional requirement documentation
  • Connect the dots between your internal team to remove confusion of requirements
  • Analysing incoming tasks from managed service clients